Quartz Falcon (pacoman) wrote in thunderbolts,
Quartz Falcon

New Member and New T-Bolts #13

Hi! Found this community a few weeks ago and, seeing as I just got the latest issue of New Thunderbolts (and the first one I've managed to buy), I figured this is as good a time as any to join in.

So, brief thoughts on the issue, and what I've seen of the series so far:

+ Lovely artwork by Tom Grummet; it's somewhere between Mark Bagley and Alan Davis, which works great for the book.

+ Nice characterization, particularly on Songbird, Dr. Chen and Dallas.

+ Surprise guest stars!

- It's a two-parter, and I'm not sure if I might be able to get #14.

- Being a two-parter, the PWNing of the New Avengers didn't happen here.

? Was Joystick coming on to Songbird?
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