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Man. Issue 17/98 came out last week, and no one's said a word? Thunderbolts, now that I'm looking back, was probably one of the most consistently good comics out of 2005. And the first issue of 2006 gives us a big reveal. I didn't see the clues, so I did not see it coming.

But I had a question. Zemo and Von Strucker and Andreas say that Andrea is dead. When/where did that happen?

And...the sword-wrapping? Woah. Freaky.

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it's been awhile sense i could get my hand on a thunderbolts comic they sell out quickly at my local shop. i got up to issue 12 what's been happening so far?
In a nutshell...

Songbird took over the team and more or less forced Mach-IV out. Abe has led her to believe he's got a non-superhero-ing job, but he's secretly working with the Fixer and Blizzard (Mel cut him from the team) on some mysterious project involving the Darkforce dimension. (From the looks of things they're trying to recover the Smuggler, or whatever's left of him after his apparent death in Thunderbolts #56.

The Commission on Superhuman Activities decided to teach the New Avengers a lesson by blackmailing the Thunderbolts into attacking them to make a point. The real reasons for this escapade seems to be to secretly place CSA bugs in the Avengers and Thunderbolts' headquarters. Hank Pym and Baron Zemo have something to do with the CSA's true motives, but we don't know what yet.

The Grandmaster, one of the Elders of the Universe, has re-assembled the Squadron Sinister he first introduced way back in Avengers #70, by getting a new Hyperion, providing the Power Prism to a new Doctor Spectrum, and contacting Nighthawk and Speed Demon. Nighthawk and Speedy turned down the offer, but after Songbird fired Speed Demon and invited Nighthawk to join the team, Speedy reconsidered.
Andrea died at the end of the first "Citizen V" miniseries. Zemo/Citizen V killed her when she found out the truth about Zemo inhabiting the mind of John Watkins III.

I saw the revelation coming, but it was still cool to see it all come together.
For a little while I was growing kinda 'eh' about the new series, but with the past couple of issues my enthusiasm has been renewed. Pretty freaky revelation there, yes. But I had a soft spot for Swordsman ever since I saw him go swinging away with Mel in his arms, in the Purple Man arc...
why'd song bird kick mach iv off the team along with blizzard and speed demon?