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The Tbolts100 Challenge!

On March 8, Marvel Comics will release Thunderbolts #100.  In honor of this milestone, I have issued...


The challenge is simple.  Email me a 100-word story about any of the Thunderbolts.  The stories may feature anyone who has ever been a member of the Thunderbolts, but does not have to be set when they were on the team.  So if you want to write about Mach-IV when he was the Beetle or Hawkeye when he was an Avenger or Photon when he made any sense, feel free. 

The only hard and fast rule is that the story must be exactly 100 words.  (The title, if any, doesn't count.)  One-hundred-word fan fiction, or "drabbles," are popular in many online fandoms, so if it's good enough for Harry Potter it's good enough for Baron Zemo, right?  Right.  Drabbles don't take long to write because they're short, but it can be tough to cram a whole story into such a small space.  (It's not called the Tbolts100 Cake Walk, now is it?)  My advice is to experiment with the format and not worry about whether it's perfect in the end.  Have fun with it.  If you're stuck for ideas you can email me for help.

I want to have 100 writers submit one story each by March 8, in time for me to unveil them all--some 10,000 words total--on the day Thunderbolts #100 ships.  If I get enough stories I'll let everyone vote for the best one and award some kind of cool prize.  So don't delay--tell your friends, and get to work on your Thunderbolts story today!
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