Out of energy to wander. (elsewhere7) wrote in thunderbolts,
Out of energy to wander.

Quick issue question.

I'm considering rounding up my T-bolts issues this weekend. Which, for me, involves searching through a whole mess of comic longboxes in various states of Not In Order.

Now, there's T-bolts 1-75, Avengers/T-bolts 1-6, and the current series up til now. And I am SURE I'm not remembering other issues, such as annuals and specials. Does anyone have a checklist?
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There's three annuals: Thunderbolts '97 (recently reprinted in #100), Captain America/Citizen V '98 (featuring Baron Zemo and Techno), and Thunderbolts 2000.

Two specials: Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings #-1, a flashback to the formative years of the original T-Bolts members before they became infamous. Then there's Thunderbolts: Life Sentences, a 2001 special dealing with the aftermath of the Thunderbolts getting pardoned.

Finally, you've got two Citizen V miniseries, Citizen V & the V-Batallion, and CV&tVB: The Everlasting. I'm pretty sure both are four issues, but you might have to double check on that.

And that's it, unless you're branching out into T-Bolts guest appearances, in which case you're probably better off consulting the Marvel Chronology Project.
The first Citizen V miniseries is 3 issues, and Everlasting is four.

Oh, and don't forget the special Thunderbolts #0 that came with an issue of Wizard. Nowadays you can generally find that in any quarter bin at a good-sized convention.