Out of energy to wander. (elsewhere7) wrote in thunderbolts,
Out of energy to wander.


One, thanks to the Smiths and others for helping me with the T-bolts issues and minis and such. I've managed to find and complete my whole T-bolts collection, so I'm happy, and reading the series in one fell swoop.

But something's been bugging me lately...

See, even in the 2nd series, there's a sense of ongoing within the issues. Like, when the T-bolts are dealing with the rogue Antlanteans, there were interludes to the Squadron Sinister stuff, the Great Game, The Swordsman and Killgrave before the big reveal. It's continuous; while one storyline is happening, other stuff is waiting in the wings.

Now, with Civil War...there's the Grandmaster stuff after that. That much the solicits have told us, and the Grandmaster has been hinted at for some time. But, there doesn't seem to be anything else. No interludes, no asides, no 'meanwhiles,' and nothing that hints to post-Grandmaster stories.

So, I'm a little nervous, because I'm betting we won't hear any news until Wizard World Chicago, which is...I think the end of next week?
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