Out of energy to wander. (elsewhere7) wrote in thunderbolts,
Out of energy to wander.

From the Blatimore Con.

Well, there was a Cup O'Joe Panel</a> at the Baltimore Comic Convention last weekend. They discuss the usual upcoming projects and address the chronic book lateness in ways that I am positive this is not the forum to discuss them in.

Asked about Thunderbolts post Civil War, Brevoort didn’t reveal any specific details, other than saying it will be a “big deal book” at Marvel and feature “enough” of the same characters.

“It might just be a little meaner,” Quesada added.

Well, that was...purposely vague. Anyways, what do people think is going to happen with the book and the team, now? Any bets on potential new members? (My money's on Quicksand, since it does not seem likely at all we'll get Jolt back.)
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