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It figures.

Joe Friday's, Week 14

NRAMA: If you can, explain the “new” Thunderbolts a little…less quasi heroes acting on the fringes and more…Dirty Dozen?

JQ: You could say that, but it may be a bit more intense than that, actually I know it will be. I think when you hear what's happening to the book and the creative team involved, the boards will be alight with chatter and the Internet will have been shatter yet again. Come on, by this point you know we can do it [laughs]!

Just...it seems like Marvel editorial is going out of its way to alienate readers like me. There was nothing wrong with the series, and no change was needed. Maybe Marvel doesn't like having a book written well that comes out on time every month, I don't know.

Two things terrify me:
1) What Marvel is going to inflict on us this time. Especially since their ideal choices for creative teams usually leave me cold.

2) The fact that fandom will be all over this new team, leaving us in the cold as a whole.

These two reasons are why we as readers can't have nice things.

Why do they keep taking things I enjoy and screwing them up?
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