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More on the big changes

I think by now everyone here has heard about the ending of Civil War #4, and how it hints at the much-hyped new direction for Thunderbolts.  If not, it's mentioned briefly in this article.

All the Rage has reported that a new creative team is coming in for the change, with the writer being a "high profile British creator, who has recently been doing a lot of work in the Marvel Universe." The artist remains a secret.  The report goes on to say that Fabian Nicieza will have another project (aside from Cable & Deadpool, I presume) to keep him busy.   Bear in mind that All the Rage deals in rumors and scuttlebutt--by definition you should take this report with a grain of salt.

With that in mind, read what Tom Brevoort said about the future of T-bolts in his own blog:
All you've heard at this point at most are unsubstantiated rumors. Until the point at which we actually announce what it is that we're doing, I'm not going to be able to tell you anything substantial. So you're just going have to wait another few weeks, until we're ready to talk about it. (But I will tell you that the cast of characters seen at the end of CIVIL WAR #4 is not precisely the cast that'll be in the series.)
So I think the best attitude to take with this is to wait and see. Tom suggests the announcement will be in a few weeks, which makes me think it could have something to do with other things that will happen in a few weeks, like the release of Civil War #5 or the advance solicitation for Thunderbolts #110.  Then again, I was sure all would be revealed at SDCC, then at Wizard World Chicago, then after Civil War #4 came out.  I'm still not sure what the hold up is, but I'd wager the big reveal gives away a major Civil War spoiler, so now that it's running behind Marvel may have to wait longer than they'd intended.

I'm remaining optimistic that we'll get a good creative team (if we are indeed getting a new one) and some if not all of our favorite characters.  The possibility that Marvel could screw the pooch is still looming overhead, but I truly believe they learned a valuable lesson from Fightbolts and will take great pains to avoid even the appearance of repeating that mistake.
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