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Justice, Like Lightning...Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts: Marvel's Most Wanted
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MACH-IV. Songbird. Atlas. Blizzard. Captain Marvel. Speed Demon. Joystick. Radioactive Man. Former villains in search of redemption. Do they have what it takes to become heroes? Stan Lee proudly presents...the New Thunderbolts!

Published by Marvel Comics from 1997 to 2003, Thunderbolts quickly developed a strong cult following by inroducing a team of fresh super heroes who were secretly notorious villains bent on world domination. For 75 issues, fans kept up with the T-bolts as the scam was exposed and the team began to reform, never knowing what shocking developments would turn up next. Sagging sales prompted Marvel to retool the series with an entirely different cast, but fans rejected this approach, and Thunderbolts #81 was the final issue of the series.

But the Thunderbolts had become more than the original gimmick that launched the book, and its diehard fandom would not be denied. The team returned in the six-issue Avengers/Thunderbolts miniseries, which saw the team disbanded even as sales warranted the return of the monthly book. In November 2004 Marvel published the first issue of New Thunderbolts, featuring a (mostly) new team, new enemies, new storylines, new directions, and the same old excitement.